Top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system using the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth (landform environment) to help a person improve the quality of life by receiving positive Qi from his natural living environment. It literally means wind-water in English.

My understanding is that for a spirit to materialise takes a massive amount of energy and so this task is not undertaken lightly. One of the early proponents of the near death experience was Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Dr. Kubler-Ross recounted an experience in which she was engaged in conversation by a woman she knew had died months earlier. The woman’s skin appeared ‘waxy’ but other than that, she appeared quite normal.

The contributors to the Bible were just a product of their age trying to figure things out as best they could. Imagine how primitive our thinking will seem in 2,000 years time.

Meditation assists us in evolving to the sound of a perfect being, which is mmmm. This is symbolic of the Norse Rune, Mannaz, which is a capital M that has an x on the top of its two vertical lines, instead of a v at the top like a regular M. These represent our legs. Polarities unite at the center of this x. The place in our bodies this refers to is the area of the belly or midriff. This place is earth or Midgard, in the spiritual latest cosmology news of the Norse. As a visual meditation, you can visualize a red Mannaz, which represents the energy of fire. Simply meditate while gazing at its center.

I believe that in order to bring peace on earth we need to understand the nature and modus operandi of violence. Darkness is only the veil of pain that the light sometimes hides behind.

They say we must be crazy to believe in God… I say, anyone who has this kind of evidence of God’s fingerprints everywhere around them, in them, on them, and permeating every possible facet of their little lives and still doesn’t believe, now that’s crazy… and sad… and inspires our mission to teach all that much more. “For faith without works is dead.” Our teaching others is our work. There is no Christian cruise control.

Once again, the midlife transition emerges not as a challenge that’s difficult to endure, but it’s there as a continuing invitation to grow up, to detach from the superficial, to get down to business and go deep. Find out what this thing called ‘life’ is all about. Immerse yourself in it. Take it to heart as a set of unimaginable possibilities that you’ll never be able to exhaust, no matter how long or hard you may live. The lesson of midlife is so simple: it’s not how long you live that matters, it’s how well!

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