Day Care Scares, And Parents Worse Nightmares

When I was growing up, one of the local theaters charged one dollar per person for movies. In fact, you could see a double feature there for one dollar. After I graduated from high school, however, the theater was torn down, and a home improvement store was built on the site.

Make pick up time a happy time, but not too happy: Don’t over compensate for being gone. Be happy to see your child, talk lovingly to her or him; snuggle and yes, spend that extra time reading a book or playing toys or tummy time in the floor when you get home. It’s OK to cook dinner 30 minutes later so that you and your child can have that extra time together. Encourage Dad to spend another 30 minutes when he gets home playing with her so you can do the cooking without feeling distracted.

Yep, part of being a mother is that you get really good at caring for children. Many of my friends provide Childcare Diploma for a couple of infants, which brings in anywhere from $600-1000 a month. While I like my own babies, watching someone else’s infant wasn’t as interesting to me. Instead, I put my years of hospital nursing experience to good use and only cared for children who were sick and couldn’t go to their regular daycare or school. Average salary, $3-5 an hour.

3 ) Look for good education toys. If there are a lot of older busy type toys, it might not be the center for you child. Every good day care center should have a hands on activity center. Look for plenty of blocks for creative play, dress up clothes, and loads of books. Some centers even have a reading corner complete with bean bag chairs.

If there are little ones in your family, many Caribbean cruises cater just to their needs and interests. Mom and dad can escape for a glass of wine on the deck and take in a jaw dropping sunset while the kids enjoy games, meet new friends, and take advantage of other age appropriate onboard amenities. The ship’s specially trained staff provides expert Child Care Course and will keep your kids active and entertained all day long. This is especially great for parents whose little ones are too young to depart on ports of call during the trip.

Sympathetic Figure. Always appear as the sympathetic party, not the aggressor. Focus your discussions on the children and their best interests, not on the other parent. Let the Evaluator know that your focus is on making life better for the children, not on what you want, or your need to win.

Women will continue to be an important part of business and their role can only grow over the years. It’s a very different world from the 1950s when women were expected to give up work when they married. It’s been a long march from the typing pool.

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